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CertificateCertificate in Office Automation
Certificatecertificate in Web Designing
Certificatecertificate in Multimedia Development
Certificatecertificate in PC-Hardware & Networking(A+,N+)
Certificatecertificate in ASP.Net with C#
Certificatecertificate in Advanced Development using PHP
Certificatecertificate in Network Administratation
Certificatecertificate in Advanced JAVA(J2EE)
Certificatecertificate in Information Security & Cyber LAW
Certificatecertificate in Oracle SQL & PL/SQL
CertificateCertificate in Journalism and Mass Communication
DiplomaPG Diploma in GIS
DiplomaPG Diploma in Hospital Management
DiplomaPG Diploma in Counselling Guidance & Re-habilitati
DiplomaPG Diploma in Performing Arts
DiplomaDiploma in Journalism and Mass Communication
Post GraduateM.A-Odia
Post GraduateM.A-Urdu
Post GraduateM.A-Anthropology
Post GraduateM.A-Mundari
Post GraduateM.A-Kharia
Post GraduateM.A-Khortha
Post GraduateM.A-Kurmali
Post GraduateM.A-Bangla
Post GraduateM.A-Sanskrit
Post GraduateM.A-PanchPargania
Post GraduateM.A-Santhali
Post GraduateM.A-Ho
Under GraduateB.A. (Hons) Bangla
Under GraduateB.A. (Hons) Mundari
Under GraduateB.A. (Hons) Psychology
Under GraduateB.A. (Hons) Sanskrit
Under GraduateB.A. (Hons) Urdu
Under GraduateB.A. (Hons) Anthropology
Under GraduateB.A. (Hons) Odia
Under GraduateB.A. (Hons) Kharia
Under GraduateB.A. (Hons) Khortha
Under GraduateB.A. (Hons) Santhali
Under GraduateB.A. (Hons) Ho
Vocational (PG)MSc. IT
Vocational (PG)Environmental Science(PG)
Vocational (PG)M.A-Rural Development
Vocational (PG)M.A-Public Administration
Vocational (UG)B.Sc. Micro Biology
Vocational (UG)B.Sc. Environmental Science
Vocational (UG)B.Sc. Electronics
Vocational (UG)B.Sc. Nano Science & Nano Technology
Vocational (UG)Bachelor Programme in Film Making
Vocational (UG)Bachelor Programme in Journalism and Mass Communication